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About Optimedservices

Optimedservices remarkable narrative begins with the enthusiasm of a few healthcare sector specialists who have worked with us clients for decades. They were doing well at work and earned enough money to live comfortably. But something was constantly pinching them. “why have they been performing all that repetitive work with the same methods for the same clientele with nearly identical results for years and years?”
Nobody in our world likes dealing with much paperwork. For some, it’s simply exhausting. Especially for medical personnel who work tirelessly for days on end to save lives.

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At Optimedservices, we like solving complex problems, such as:

  • Accepting all responsibility for physician billing services. So, as an excellent physician, you can focus on what you do best, without having to worry about medical billing services.
  • We provide medical billing services for physicians billing services ranging from appointment scheduling to dealing with claim acceptance and rejections.


Optimedservices is a Hippa-certified medical billing company, we adhere to rigorous rules. We make sure that all government-mandated healthcare laws are followed at all times while offering medical billing and coding services to your advantage.

At Optimedservices, we know all there is to know about medical billing, including the ins and outs. With Hipaa-certified rules and our skilled touch, your healthcare business will quickly rise to the top! We offer a full range of management services for your medical practice. Our services range from front-office administration to medical billing, credentialing, and efficient account receivable management.

Optimedservices specialist team works with providers nationwide to reduce billing burden and, more importantly, enhance cash flow. Our management team has over a decade of expertise in managing the revenue cycle of practices from various specializations.

Our Team

Head of operations at Optimedservices

Sharjeel Khan
Chief Operating Officer

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Director Business Development