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Front Office Service

A professional medical management team and integrated clinical technologies drive front office service to help medical practices improve their patients’ experiences and satisfaction levels.

Our front office service allows you to outsource customer-related processes, which allows you to focus on the customer without sacrificing the quality of services and products provided. Good customer relationships and experiences not only set businesses apart from the competition but also help to increase revenue and business.

Customer service, telemarketing, marketing, sales, the help desk, and technical support are all handled by Optimedservices.

We also handle administrative tasks and functions that aid in the operation, management, and support of a company. Delegating these tasks is an important strategy for businesses that want to concentrate on core functions. 

Optimedservices Offers front office service with the following

Management of insurance eligibility

Patients’ insurance eligibility is verified before scheduling their visit, resulting in zero insurance denials.

Calls for patient appointments 

More than 60% of patients schedule their appointments online. Our front desk team places a premium on properly managing their phone calls.

Confirmation of appointment 

With an appointment confirmation and follow-up system, our medical front office and billing team help to reduce patient no-shows.

Follow-up visits with patients

Optimedservices front office service, created to keep accurate records of each patient visit and to ensure that follow-up appointments are not missed.

Optimedservices is one of the best medical billing company and we provide front office service with the guaranteed satisfaction:

  • Handle phones with multiple lines. Messages were reviewed and routed to the appropriate staff and physicians.
  • Examining patients, collecting co-pays, verifying insurance, and gathering patient demographics
  • Transcribe medical reports of patients
  • Performed a variety of administrative and office management duties.

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