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People and individual healthcare practices are not sciences, but medical billing is. That is why medical billing company Optimedservices concentrates on giving each client intimately, individualized services. We make it our responsibility to ensure that you get compensated for your efforts. Optimedservices maintains accuracy and ensures industry standards and regulations are satisfied by flawless and right coding procedures.

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What is RCM?

The revenue cycle can be defined as "all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue." In order to track patient revenue from the time of their initial appointment or encounter with the healthcare system until the time of their final payment of any outstanding balance, healthcare systems in the United States and around the world use the RCM process. It is a typical component of healthcare management.

We strive hard to ensure:

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Optimedservices Provide

One of the best medical billing company!

front office service

Front Office Service

Patient insurance eligibility, patient appointments and follow-up calls, authorizations, referrals, help desk, and customer service are all included in the front office service.

back office service

Back Office Service

Charge entry, coding, timely claim submission, claim scrubbing, insurance collections, denial management, and payment posting are all included in the back office service.


Credentialing Service

Contracting and re-credentialing, EFT/ ERA and EDI enrollments, portal registrations, and maintaining compliance with regular follow-ups are all included in the credentialing service.

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If you want to get services from one of the best medical billing company! We will improve your practice productivity and optimize operations to increase cash flow.

Premium Services

Special services for your optimum needs!

credentialing Service
New practice full service bundle $1999 now in $1699 (save up to $300).

Medicare for both one practice county and one provider.

Medicaid for both one practice location and one provider.

BCBS PID for both the practice and one provider.

Railroad medicare for both one practice county and one provider.

A/R Recovery Service
We do not only offer AR recovery solutions as part of a revenue cycle management package but separate, standalone, and cost-effective packages in this industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of AR management services with a dedicated AR team recovering outstanding revenue from old AR aging from 120+ days bucket.

The working process of our system has been highly effective at increasing recovery, even from the claims that were thought to be bad debt.

HRM Service
We provide dedicated front office assistants and Virtual Medical Assistants (VMA) to assist US-based medical practitioners in order to decrease their office workload and improve their quality of work, managing their everyday tasks to improve maximum patient care.

New patient intake schedule, confirm and reschedule patient appointments. charting and scribing.

Manage virtual care communications, verifying patient insurance eligibility and benefits, prior authorizations, and referrals.

Latest Post

Healthcare Future and the role of medical coding

Healthcare Future and the role of medical coding

  The US healthcare sector is undergoing constant change. The shift from the fee-for-service model to the value-based care model was motivated by the perception that there was no correlation between healthcare costs and quality. Healthcare decision-makers are facing a challenging environment due to a number of additional challenges, including decreasing reimbursements, rising hospital care


The core of our philosophy and mission is a belief that we are all connected.

Highly recommended for front office services.

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Optimedservices is the best solution for your credentialing services.

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